Who We Help

Charity Search helps UK residents over the age of 50 years.

How to Apply

In order for us to select the most appropriate charities that may wish to help you, we need to know the details of your present circumstances and some background information about you. To do this we have produced questionnaire, we call this a Personal Profile form.

Once this short, user friendly form is completed and returned to us, along with a signed declarations and permissions form, we can start our search for charities that may assist you. We have refined our search process and the results are quick, so once you return this form to us, we can often have a list of charities sent back to you within a week. We do however work strictly on a first come, first served basis.

Work History 

There are thousands of charities throughout the UK, so please give us as much detail as you can, especially about previous employment. It doesn't matter how long ago you were in a particular job, what we need to know is the type of work, and how long you did it for. E.g. shoe shop salesperson, 10 years, garage mechanic 5 years.
If you are unable to remember all of your work history, or you need to find this information on behalf of someone else, there are ways you can do this. On our useful links page you will find the on-line, and postal forms to send to HM Revenue & Customs who will be able to retrieve this information for you.

As we are based in Bristol, companies well known in your town will mean little to us, so please make it clear the type of business you worked for.

We also need details of any time served in the armed and merchant services, including National Service.

If you are married or cohabiting, we will also need the employment history of your partner, and if you are a widow or widower, that of your late spouse. This does not apply if you have been divorced.

All of the details we ask for are relevant, as we are unable to complete a search for you without sufficient information.

What Happens Next  

The results we find will be sent directly to you, or to a designated third party, with details of how you make an application to each charity.

Disability Equipment

If your request is for something like a wheelchair, scooter or a similar disability aid, you will find that many charities will insist that a *professional welfare worker make the application on your behalf. The reason for this is that charities need to know that the equipment has been deemed suitable for your needs, and that an assessment has been carried out to ensure that it is safe for you to use. There is a space on the questionnaire for you to give us the contact details of this person.

*A professional welfare worker can be a social worker, health visitor, nurse, occupational therapist or similar. If you are able to find someone willing to support you please make it clear to them that it would mean completing application forms on your behalf,not just writing a letter of support.

Our Documents

You will find a copy of the Personal Profile form on our documents page, along with a couple of other useful forms. These cannot be completed on-line, but we are happy to send copies by post upon request.