From Our Files

" I cannot express my gratitude enough! This is just the kind of hope my grandmother needs. ..........I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for putting a silver lining on my grandmother's cloudy days."

"Thank you for the list of charities you sent me, I really do appreciate your help. ............ Thank you once again for your help and advice."

" Just to keep you up to date, we are eternally grateful for recommending the charity, they have been wonderful, so kind in fact we are lost for words."

" A few months ago I asked for your help in finding a charity to help me and my daughter (we are both disabled), with your help a charity took us on and gave us great help and support. ........... Thank you for all of your help."

" So many thanks on 'M's' behalf, she still doesn't quite understand what is happening but I'm sure she will notice that she is better off when her next bills come in!"