Frequently Asked Questions 

Q. Will I get funding.

A. This very much depends on your needs, work history and background,and your willingness to make applications to charities.

Q. How long will it take to obtain the funding I need.

A. It varies. This is a tricky question to answer because charities are all different and will respond differently.

Q. I need to raise funds urgently. Is this possible.

A. In general, most charities won't be able to respond to requests for immediate funding as their trustees may only meet every few weeks or so. If you need funds urgently we suggest that you contact the relevant statutory agencies. See our useful links page for suggestions.

Q. Is there a set list of charities printed-out and ready to
send to me.

A. There are no set lists of charities. Each search is unique and tailor-made to the individual.

Q. Will charities assist me with all of my needs.

A. Charities like to help in ways that make a small but positive difference to your quality of life. Each have their own rules about who they will help, and the amount they will grant.

Q. I need many thousands of pounds to pay for an item or service. Will I get help.

A. If you are seeking charitable funding for home improvements or adaptations to a property, you are unlikely to obtain the full amount, but may well be offered a contribution towards it.

Q. What are the aims of most grant-giving charities.

A. All charities have a set amount of funds to disperse, and their main aims are to make sure that people are clothed and fed, are able to keep warm, and have the necessities of life to enable them to live contentedly.

Q. What will charities not help with.

A. You are unlikely to get help with what charities may consider to be luxuries, such as foreign holidays, large screen televisions, and other items thought of as non-necessities. You are also unlikely to get help with legal fees. 

Help with debt is very difficult to find and over the past few years it has become extremely challenging for us to find any charity that will fund residential care top-up fees.

Q. I have already purchased an item or service, will
charities reimburse me.

A. If you have already purchased an item or service it is unlikely that you will find a charity that will reimburse you. Likewise, do not commit yourself to a purchase on the strength of getting the funding from charities.

Q. Will you make applications on my behalf.

A. Unfortunately, we cannot make applications on your behalf. We are a small charity with limited time and resources.